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Privacy Policy

last modified May 23, 2014 12:07:21 am

When you sign up for an account with Lic.me, we collect personal information from you including your e-mail address, and a password.

We may also collect the URL from which you linked into our site, your IP address, and your browser type and version, all of which are collected in an anonymous manner without being linked to any of your personal information.

User privacy is something we take very seriously at Lic.me. We do not, and have never, sold or disseminated (except in cases where required to by law by law enforcement agencies) the personal information of our users to any parties outside of Lic.me. We use account information for the purposes of creating and maintaining individual user accounts, contacting users in case of a problem with their account, sending personal information, for statistical purposes, to administer our systems, to conduct surveys, to administer drawings or contests, and to provide technical support. All of our development is done in-house, and hence no contracted parties will ever have access to individual account information.

Usage Tracking

This section only applies if you are logged in

In order to improve the service provided, Lic.me would like to track how you use the site using your user ID.

This means we can group interactions on the site based on your user ID, so we can easily see which sections of the site are most popular.

No information which can personally identify you, or any device you use, will be tracked only how you use the site.

Collected data is never shared or sold with any third-party organisations

If you do NOT wish to be tracked in such a manner, please UNTICK the box


Terms of Service

last modified May 21, 2013, 10:23:59 am

Lic.me reserves the right to remove or replace any files that compromise the security of the server, or are otherwise malignant. The following types of files may not be uploaded under any circumstances:

  • Files that infringe on the copyrights of any entity. This includes, but is not limited to, copyrighted photographs, as well as files for which user lacks usage and distribution permissions.
  • Files whose intended use or purpose is to harass individual or multiple persons.
  • Files whose intended use or purpose is the promotion of products or services through advertisements. This includes, but is not limited to, email spam and banner advertisements.

Uploading any type of the above-mentioned files will result in:

  • The immediate termination of user's ability to use Lic.me or any of its provided services.
  • The deletion of any images that user has uploaded to Lic.me.
  • Possible prosecution.

This will be effective immediately upon detection of any violations listed above, with perpetual duration, at the discretion of Lic.me. If a file is deleted, user may not attempt to upload it again.

Legal Policy:

These Terms of Service are subject to change without prior warning. By using Lic.me, user agrees not to involve Lic.me in any type of lawsuit or counter suit if Lic.me or any third party proceeds to take legal action against user for violations of these Terms of Service. Lic.me directs full legal responsibility of the contents of the files that are uploaded to Lic.me to individual users, and will cooperate with legal teams and government entities in the case that uploaded files are deemed to be in violation of these Terms of Service.

All files are © to their respective owners • All other content is © Lic.me. Lic.me is not responsible for the content any uploaded files, nor is it in affiliation with any entities that may be represented in the uploaded files.